Refer vets to Rex: €4000 bonus
Refer vets to Rex: €4000 bonus

How to choose the perfect pet for you


No matter what pet you get, adopting an animal is a life-changing decision (in a good way!). From small rabbits to full-grown dogs, animals need our love, care and attention to live happy and healthy lives. Therefore, like in any long-term relationship, it's all about compatibility in the beginning.

Let's say you're browsing pet adoption sites for the millionth time and find the cutest puppy you've ever seen. You want it so badly. What things can (and should) stop you from clicking the "adopt" button right away?

<h2 class="c-blog_head" id="Custom" data-headline="Appropriate living situation"><span class="first_id_number"></span>Appropriate living situation</h2>

The living situation can play a big role in a pet's happiness. Flat cats, for example, feel comfortable wandering around the house during the day. They are the perfect pet for a flat, as they are more than content to live indoors. Most large dog breeds, purebred or not, cannot stay indoors for long. They need space to run around and play.

If you enjoy living in a flat and staying indoors, and are looking for a dog, a small dog might be right for you. They need exercise too (but not as much), and they can also watch TV with you. See? Compatible!

<h2 class="c-blog_head" id="Custom 2" data-headline="Suits your lifestyle"><span class="first_id_number"></span>Suits your lifestyle</h2>

Do you like to travel for fun? If you're planning on traveling in the future, you might need a best friend who's up for adventure.

The noble, loyal and very handsome Shiba Inu, for example, would make a great activity buddy. Another breed that is perfect for outdoor activities is the Labrador Retriever. These intelligent dogs love to hike with you, run with you, or splash around in a beautiful lake.

<h2 class="c-blog_head" id="Custom 3" data-headline="Suitable for your household"><span class="first_id_number"></span>Suitable for your household</h2>

Do you have a family? Jack Russell Terriers are very sociable and could go crazy (or drive you crazy) if left alone for too long, making them ideal for households with children. These little bundles of fur literally beg to play with well-behaved children. And aside from being the cutest prey animals in the dog world, Corgis can also be a great family pet. Corgis are fun, playful and will not leave your side.

Another good choice would be an Australian Shepherd. Aussies can also be good workers, as they were originally bred to herd sheep, so they can be as helpful as they are adorable.

<h2 class="c-blog_head" id="Custom 4" data-headline="Be open-minded"><span class="first_id_number"></span>Be open-minded</h2>

Like people, dogs have different personalities and their characteristics vary from breed to breed as well as from dog to dog. If you consider the different genetic possibilities of a non-purebred dog, you will realise how diverse the species can be.