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Check out the new Rex app: Download now!
Telemedicine Erfahrung am Laptop und Smartphone

Video visits at Rex

Online-only video treatment is currently not possible for regulatory reasons.

Video visits are therefore only offered in a supportive capacity as part of an existing treatment relationship.

Get vet care from anywhere.

Support for existing clients

As part of an existing treatment relationship, we help you remotely.

Same day availability

Simply book your appointment online and speak to one of our vets today.

Pay online in seconds.

The price of our video consultation is 25€ for 15 minutes and can be paid online.
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Please note:

For regulatory reasons, a video appointment is only possible for existing clients as support in an existing treatment relationship.

When we offer video appointments
to support existing customers

We look forward to meeting you.

Jenny Mahler
Veterinary nurse
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Joana M. Rode
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How can I upload documents or images before my appointment?

On the confirmation screen of your video appointment, where you can also describe your pet’s symptoms, or later from your Rex account.

How and when should I join the video appointment?

You’ll get a link to the video call in an email, and a reminder 15 minutes before it starts. We suggest joining from your mobile 5 minutes before. The appointment link will also be available in your account.

How do I book a video appointment?

Right here. Once you successfully book an appointment you’ll be able to share details on your pet’s issue and upload any relevant documents or pictures to help our vets prepare.

What can’t be addressed in a video appointment?

We can’t do physical examinations, advanced diagnostics (urine tests, feces tests, blood tests, x-ray imaging or an ultrasound) and we can’t prescribe any medication. But based on what we see in the call, we might recommend that you visit a clinic or a specialist for any of the above.

How should I prepare for my video appointment?

Upload any relevant documents or pictures after you book the appointment, and make sure you’re in a quiet place with a stable internet connection. Joining from a mobile phone will allow you to use the back camera to show us your pet up close.

Telemedicine Erfahrung am Laptop und Smartphone

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Only for existing clients within the
framework of the treatment relationship