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Within a paws reach ...

Our clinics are designed to make you feel at home. We have separate waiting areas & for particularly anxious patients, small separés where you can be among yourselves. For two-legged friends, we have chairs.
Our clinics
Katze im Arm von Katzenbesitzerin
Opening in

Berlin Friedenau

Stefanie Albrecht
Tatiana Rondon Segarra
Jakob Kandzia
Dr. Anna Bodoky
Südwestkorso 11A
12161 Berlin
Opening in

Berlin Friedrichshain

Dr. Anna Bodoky
Grit Grittner
Svenja Gümmer
Dr. Anne Rees
Revaler Str. 17
10245 Berlin
Opening in

Berlin Neukölln

Lisa Rinner
Eva Schüle
Charlotte Neubert
Johannes Wiedeck
Hermannstraße 227
12049 Berlin
Opening in

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

No items found.
Greifswalder Str. 204
10405 Berlin

Not within paws reach?

Tell us in which district you want us to open a clinicand we'll get back to you when the time comes.