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Why: early and regular checkups are important


Many dogs and cats are very eager to wake you up with their wet noses or happy meows. You may not like getting up in the morning, but you adore them - so getting up earlier is alright with you. Here's something else you can do early for your dear pets: Help recognize health issues before they become critical.

Pets can't or won't always let you know when their health changes. And changes can happen at any time, often without visible signs. Taking your pet to the vet only when you notice something is wrong is risky - because you won't always be able to tell early enough when something is wrong.

3 reasons to see your Rex team regularly

We love pets. We LOVE them! So of course we want them to be happy and healthy and playing and wagging and purring and enjoying life. This is exactly why we recommend early disease prevention.

Successful disease prevention allows for earlier intervention and possibly a better prognosis for your pet. The earlier we identify a problem, the less damage is done before we can treat it.

Many breeds are predisposed to disease, so comprehensive examinations twice a year and routine diagnosis can help catch these problems early when they are easier to treat. Pets' lifespans are much shorter than ours, they age faster, so we need to catch these problems earlier before they harm your pet.

Pre-screening for certain diseases also gives your vet a baseline of your pet's current health, which they can build on as your pet gets older. Because every pet is different, an inventory helps us understand your pet's individual "normal" condition.

Comprehensive examinations, twice a year

If your veterinary team can see and examine your pet regularly to see how they are doing, they can spot health problems before they become more serious. You can also do diagnostic tests that help you understand things about your pet's health that can't be seen or felt in a purely physical examination.